Tax Preparation

There aren't many things in life that are extremely permanent. One thing that will always be around, however, is taxes. Every April 15, no matter what, you're taxes are due. Hopefully, this means you'll get a nice refund from the government, but not all the time. Finding tax deductions is a great way to either cut down on your payment, or assure yourself that you won't owe anything. Finance Buddy's tax preparation assistance can give you that extra help, whether you're preparing your taxes at home, using software or relying on a tax professional.

Everybody needs a little extra help with their taxes. Sure, you can go through, follow the instructions and fill out the form, but you might be missing out on things that you didn't even know you could deduct. If you're a teacher, you can deduct teaching supplies. If you travel for work, you might be able to recoup some of your mileage. There are so many little things that the average Joe won't even know to look for.

Finance Buddy uses a combination of expert analysis and links to helpful providers to make sure you get the help you need for your tax preparation. If you're looking for a tax professional, Finance Buddy can help you find them. If you're doing your taxes on your own, you can find expert advice on deductions you might have missed. Similarly, you can find other calculators and information for big financial steps in your life, like buying a car, investing, saving for college or retirement or even with your taxes. Let Finance Buddy be your financial guide.