Investment Calculator

For the average person, investing your money can be a very confusing process. There is a multitude of options for investing your money and making your money work for you. If you have the financial assets, putting your money into a certificate of deposit or a similar investment can be a great way to build your bank account without too much hassle. Finance Buddy's investment calculator can assist you with making the right investment, as well as making sure your investments are paying off.

With the Finance Buddy investment calculator, you can predict the future. No, you won't be able to see yourself in 10 years, but you will be able to estimate what your investment will be worth, no matter if it's $1 or $1 million. You simply just input the amount of your initial deposit, the length of your term and your annual interest rate, and the investment calculator will let you know how much your investment will be worth at the end of your term as well as each month along the way.

This can be very beneficial for anyone looking to make an investment, because it will assist you with finding the best place for your money or let you know how much money you can invest. Before you're ready to make an investment, add the information from any financial institution you're considering working with and select the one that's going to make you the most money. It's as simple as that.

It makes no difference if you're trying to save money or starting to rely heavily on investments to make money, the Finance Buddy investment calculator will help you figure out your investment future and make the best decision for you. Similarly, you can find other calculators and information for big financial steps in your life, like buying a car, investing, saving for college or retirement or even with your taxes. Let Finance Buddy be your financial guide.